Final Writing Assignment Instructions:

Select one (1) Supreme Court case from the list of cases in “Scenarios from Selected Supreme Court Cases” (see the attached document).  The only cases that you cannot write about are case numbers 2, 3, 20, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, and the the case you wrote about on your Mid-Term. You will analyze this one (1) Supreme Court case from the perspective of five of the major concepts we have learned in the second half of the course. These major concepts are:

1. Independence
2. Federalism
3. Personal Responsibility
4. Personal Liberties
5. Living under a Government that has Limits through a Constitution

Instead of an introduction, simply state the name of the case that you will analyze. Then write five paragraphs, each one devoted to one of the concepts listed above, and in the order listed above.

Each paragraph must consist of the following five parts, and in this order:

1. State which side of the case will promote the concept you are discussing;  if the concept does not apply to your case, then state that it does not apply.
2. Explain why this side promotes this concepts, or why this concept does not apply to the case.
3. Provide a primary source quotation from the textbook that defines the concept you are discussing (this should not be a quotation describing your case).
4. Explain what the quotation says, using your own words.
5. Re-state which side will promote this concept (or re-state that it does not apply) and the reason why, but this time when you re-state the reason why, use part of the quotation you just used instead of using your own words. (See the sample paragraph that follows for an example of how to do this part.)

Follow this pattern for all five major paragraphs, and you are done.

Note on quotations: as with the Mid-Term, you will need to find a quotation that defines each of the meanings of the features covered in the final, except in the paragraph on constitutionally limited government. In this paragraph only, use two quotations: a quotation that defines the rights secured by the 14th amendment (use something from 69A-70B ) and a quotation that explains what happens when the federal government is able to give itself power (use 72B or 72C).

Note on citation: at the end of your quotation, cite the quotation by using the activity number and letter of the quotation as it appears in the textbook and place these in quotation mark followed by a period.

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