Chinese religiosity

The subject matter of this course is incredibly broad, and it is designed to give you a basic understanding of many facets of Chinese popular religion. Thus, the final project for this class will enable you to explore one aspect of one type of Chinese religiosity in depth. In week four, you must submit a 2-3 page paper proposal in which you identify (1) a specific religious practice within a specific tradition that interests you, (2) a debatable research question about the significance, meaning, effects, etc of this practice, and (3) at least three scholarly sources NOT assigned for this course that will help to answer your question. You must explain how you will use sources to answer your question, and how this will enrich scholarly understanding of Chinese popular religion and the anthropological meaning/ function of religion in general. You are encouraged to consult with the professor about this project before and after turning in the assignment (this is why we have office hours).

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