children with disabilities lost all services during pandemic

Topic:children with disabilities receive many different services at school such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, one on one teaching , paraprofessionals etc. During the pandemic children with disabilities have lost all services. This has cause frustration etc. elaborate on the lost  of services for these children.
Example is it due to race , minority groups, low income community ,lack of technology etc

Using the same topic from your theory paper, find FIVE ACADEMIC SOURCES that are DIRECTLY RELATED to your topic and write a 3-4 page literature review using the guidelines of the Purdue Writing Lab found here:
Your paper should have:
-An introduction that details your argument, the theoretical frameworks you employed in your first paper, and a brief description of the themes you will be exploring in the literature review
-A body that puts your five sources into conversation with one another. Your paper should be written so that I understand what your sources are about without having to read them myself. It should also provide analysis and critical engagement of the ideas presented in these sources. They should help you set up and build on your argument from your theory paper.
-A conclusion that summarizes your key findings from this literature and why it is relevant to your topic and the argument you made in your theory paper.
-A work cited section that lists the sources you used and cites them in ASA or APA format. You can use one of the many free citation generators on the internet to help you format them. This part does not count toward your 3-4 pages.

Ideas/Analysis 3.5 points: original and critical thinking, well developed ideas, making strong connections between the sourcesnand the topic at hand, exploration of ideas through a sociological lens
Content 2.5 points: Engagement with source, use of reliable sources
Effort 2.5 points: Within page limits, absence of word count padding, solid number of citations, proper citations (chose one style and stick to it)
Structure 1 point: Is structure in a way that is fluid, well organized, and easy to follow
Style .5 point: Limited typos and grammatical errors, strong writers voice and word choice, etc.

Theory paper is there to get an idea  the file is attach

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