Childhood obesity

problem solution essay
Thesis that gives both the problem and solution
Body Paragraph 1: describe the problem in more details, by stating
a .what is the problem
b. who it affects and how it affects them.
c. Reason why it is still a problem
Body paragraph 2:descrbe the proposed solution to the problem , including
a. a clear description of the solution
b. reasons , evidence or examples that show why the solution would work.
Body paragraph 3 :Explain why another solution would not work as well by describing
a. an alternative solution.
b. why some people think it will work
c. reasons and examples to show why this idea will not work as well as the proposed solution
Concluding paragraph: bring essay to an end by
a .restating the thesis and the main idea of each body paragraph
b. reminding readers of the importance of the topic
c. ending with recommendation of something people can do to solve the problem.
1 or 2 outside source and it can be paraphrase
900- 1000 words.

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