Chess Write Up

The task:

(1) Watch the movie “Searching for Bobby Fischer” or several of the clips below. The whole movie builds to it, but the last nine minutes of the movie are critical. Josh is playing the final game of the tournament with his father (Joe Mantegna), teacher (Ben Kingsley), and life coach (Laurence Fishburne) in the stands. His teacher continues to utter the phrase dont move until you see it. There are some clips on YouTube: &

(2) read the following blog article on strategic marketing:

Taking the article, the movie, and the show together and in a 2-3 page (2 page minimum, 3 page maximum, 12 point font, single spaced) last write-up for the semester, please explain the value of chess as a tool for understanding marketing strategy A strong argument is made for thinking things through before implementation. While Beth seemingly cant stop herself from playing game after game and move after move in her head, she sees the end game. This likely makes her a superior player. What will the board look like 3- 4 moves ahead? 6-7 moves ahead? So, what is the take home message for hospitality managers and their marketing strategies? What should they begin (or already) be thinking about? What should be keeping hospitality executives up at night?

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