Caring for the Frail Elderly & Living Arrangements

12/13-1: Written Assignment: Multiple Options: Please choose one of the two following options:

Option 11-2 (a): Movie Option: Watch the movie Driving Miss Daisy.

                Create a 3-page essay in which you integrate 10 topics from the text connecting the topics to the movie and the experiences of the characters with each other.
                You are encouraged to draw these topics from any chapters or mini-lectures within the course. Do identify the chapter or mini-lecture that your topics each came from.
                It would be most hopeful if you would bold or underline the 10 topics above as you integrate them into your writing.

Option 12/13-2 (b): Interview Option: Interview a social worker, nurse, recreation director or other staff person employed at a nursing home or other elder-care facility.

                Create a list of 10 questions that relate to topics in the text and discuss these with the interview subject. Be sure to include identifying and contact information for the person you spoke to, and include the list of questions as well as the answers you received.

                Your final work should be a 3-page essay (separate from the list of questions) in which you identify what you have learned and discuss some of your reactions to that information.

YOu could choose whatever topic works for you

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