Capstone Proposal

I HAVE ATTACHED THE PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT FOR REFERENCE FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. BELOW IS THE TEACHERS COMMENTS TO THAT ASSIGNMENT AND WHAT IS EXPECTED FOR THIS ONE.Raytheon is a great company to use for your final capstone project. However, in your next submission, I’ll need to see exactly what problem or shortcoming they have that you’ll be researching. Your final project must demonstrate all 7 of the MBA Program Outcomes and include strategic recommendations with actionable steps. Thank you.Dr. BrewerAfter approval of your prospectus, the next step is to develop a more detailed capstone proposal. Below is an outline that you may adapt to prepare your proposal. It shows the required sections for your project.I. Introduction In this section, identify the organization and whether you have access to it directly. Describe the exact nature of the project you propose to do and why you want to do this particular project. This should go beyond the brief information that you provided in your prospectus and provide the following:Target organization.Nature of the project.Rationale for the project.II. Outcome Demonstration Describe how this project will allow you to demonstrate each MBA program outcome. The four section titles below refer to the outcomes that are listed in the Capstone Prospectus Template. This section should incorporate any feedback that you received on outcome demonstration in your prospectus.Competency 1: Apply foundational knowledge and an understanding of business systems, processes, and technology within and across core disciplines.Competency 2: Integrate information across disciplines and from differing perspectives.Competency 5: Lead and collaborate in virtual, global, and culturally diverse environments.Competency 6: Integrate principles of ethics and integrity into business decisions.III. Data Sources Identify where you will get the data needed to complete the project, whether via direct access to the organization or via published sources. Be as detailed as possible, since whether you have access to enough data to make the project feasible will be evaluated. At this stage, identify at least three specific resources and provide a written strategy for finding other sources.IV. Outline Provide a brief, working outline of your actual project. This outline can change and grow as you work, but you need an outline to properly begin. Your outline should include an introduction and conclusion, as well as at least four subheadings in between. Refer to the Outlines document linked in the Resources to review basic outline structure.V. Projected Timeline Provide a timeline for the project, to be completed no later than the end of MBA-FP6900. Tasks should include any preliminary activity needed for getting permissions (if needed), data gathering, data analysis, report writing, presentation preparation, and anything else that would form a significant part of the work needed to complete the project.Note that successful completion of an acceptable proposal will facilitate the completion of your capstone course and help you make timely progress toward your degree completion. Refer to the Assessment 1 and 2 Context, as well as the Course Summary, for detailed information about the capstone project as a whole.Additional RequirementsWritten communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.Number of resources: Minimum of 3 resources.Length of paper: 23 typed, double-spaced pages.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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