can some one do it. It due in 6 hours

You will succeed at this challenge if you:
1. Accurately summarize your selected source
2. Evaluate the source
3. Give correct MLA-format parenthetical citations for your source
4. Use topic sentences in each paragraph
Refer to the assignment prompt for Core Writing Assignment #2. This assignment uses a formula to assign you a source.
Write two paragraphs about that source. Provide at least one MLA-format direct quotation or paraphrase with a parenthetical citation.
The first paragraph must summarize the source. The topic sentence should state the claim of the source.
The second paragraph must evaluate the source. You should not be determining how much you agree with the source but how reliable and useful you find the source. The topic sentence should give a single-phrase evaluation of the source: highly useful unreliable or something similar depending on your evaluation.
Use the sample MLA Annotated Bibliography (found in the Core Writing Assignment #2 folder) as a model.

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