calculating variance and analyzing results

Application: Calculating Variances and Analyzing the Results
While many organizational costs can be planned for the actual results may vary from the initial projections. Assessing how these variances impact the bottom line is an essential task of many managers.
For this Assignment review the Learning Resources for this week and consider how they might apply to the scenario presented. Consider how variance analysis and the results obtained from conducting such an analysis might impact decision making.
Spine Line is a manufacturer of high-quality products designed to help support healthy spines. Their newest product offering is a massage chart. Below is the standard cost structure for the chair:
Standard Cost Sheet: Massage Chair
Metal tubing
6 meters @ $3
2 square meters @ $7
3 kilograms @$4
Direct labor
4 hours @ $15
Total standard cost
This month Spine Line manufactured 500 massage chairs. The following costs were incurred:
Actual Costs Incurred for the Month: Massage Chair
Metal tubing
3100 meters
1100 square meters
1600 kilograms
Direct Labor
1800 hours
Total cost
Adapted from: Zimmerman J. L. (2014).Accounting for decision making and control(8th ed.). New York: NY: McGraw-Hill Healing Touch p. 565.
Suppose you are the senior controller for Spine Line and you plan to perform a variance analysis of the massage chairs manufactured to determine if the standards are being met. Once you have completed the analysis you plan to show it to the production department manager and ask for an explanation of any variances that you believe should be examined.
The Assignment:
Be sure to include whether alternatives exist for the future of the organization and explain how the results of the variance analysis might influence those alternatives.
Hint:See the Weekly Briefing as well as the Injection Molding Department self-study problem on page 562 of your text.
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