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Business Presentation Assignment Requirements

As a follow-up to your report, you will also be required to prepare an oral presentation. The purpose of the presentation will be to deliver your findings and analysis from the report and to highlight conclusions and recommendations. When visualizing and planning your presentation, consider how to best capture the aspects of delivery that will be measured in the rubric.

Very Important: You should not need to purchase any software to complete this task.

The presentation must meet the following requirements:

Minimum of 8 minutes; maximum of 10 minutes of an oral presentation
Use a balance of visual and textual information;
Correctly cite all information in either APA or MLA format and include either a Works Cited (MLA) or Reference (APA) page.
Along with considering the best way to organize and transfer your report into an oral presentation, you need to also consider aspects of delivery. You should consider the following:

Elocution and language (modulation of voice, pacing, tone, confidence in speech);
60 points Summative Assessment
Rubric Criteria – I will be using the rubric found in the assignment link.

Here is an example of a presentation presented online:

Here is an example  downloadof a PowerPoint that was created to accompany the student who presented in person.

You are also welcome to use other presentation tools other than PowerPoint. Please review the multimedia links found in “Writing and Presentation Tools.”

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