1. The role of HR generalist is essentially limited to recruitment and selection.
2. A peer or manager who works closely with an employee to motivate him/her help him/her develop skills and provide reinforcement and feedback is known as a:
high-potential employee.
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3. The 1938 FLSA requires federal contractors to pay local or area prevailing wage rates.
4. Which of the following actions of employers can result in reverse discrimination?
Disparate treatment
Affirmative action
Reasonable accommodation
Disparate impact
5. The 360-degree feedback process:
breaks down formal communications about behaviors and skill ratings between employees and their internal and external customers.
demands very little time of the raters to complete the evaluations.
gives results that can be easily interpreted by anyone.
involves rating the individual in terms of work-related behaviors.
does not lead to any improvement in performance.
6. Note: This question will not be automatically graded.
It will be sent to your instructor for review.
What is job satisfaction? Mention some aspects of job satisfaction.
Job satisfaction is the level of gratification employees experience about their work which can greatly affect the performance. It can be influenced by a person’s facility and ability to whole required tasks the level ofinteractionin anorganization and the waymanagementcare for employees. In job satisfaction there are four important Job content Job conditions Job relations and Job requisites.
7. The Scanlon plan is a variation of:
gainsharing plans.
merit pay plans.
profit sharing plans.
individual bonus plans.
commission plans.
8. _____ refers to a process of systematically developing training to meet specified needs.
Organization analysis
Fair representation
Instructional design
9. Instructional design logically should begin with needs assessment.
10. The Occupational Information Network relies on fixed job titles and narrow task descriptions to describe the occupational requirements.
11. Which of the following is true of compensable factors?
They are the characteristics of jobs that a firm values and chooses to pay for.
They refer to the factors that are important for setting the two-tier wage system.
They are generally statistically derived.
They describe all aspects of the jobs being evaluated.
They are used to ensure equity among employees.
12. A company provides wages to its employees based on the amount workers produce. The more employees produce the more they earn. This type of plan is called:
merit pay plan.
standard hour plan.
Scanlon plan.
piecework rate plan.
profit sharing plan.
13. Which of the following observations is true of taking the services of independent contractors?
The organization can achieve increased quality though the costs are more.
The company is not supposed to directly supervise the contractors.
It is a relatively slow process with low revocability.
It provides an organization increased control over the operations.
Core competencies can be effectively outsourced to contractors.
14. If people believe their rights are being violated they have the right to a fair and impartial hearing. This reflects the basic human right to:
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free consent.
freedom of conscience.
lifetime employment.
due process.
15. People’s perception of _____ depends on their judgment that the consequences of a decision to employees are just.
fair representation
procedural justice
outcome fairness
16. Which of the following statements best explains the term labor force?
All the people willing and able to work
All the adult members of a population
All the temporary workers of an organization
All the permanent employees of an organization
All the people who have contracts to work at the company
17. The funding for unemployment insurance comes from federal and state taxes on employees.
18. Helen Taylor works 10 hours a day for 4 days a week while her colleagues work 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. Helen is utilizing a flexible work schedule option known as _____.
retroactive overtime
the zero-hour contract
the compressed workweek
the flexible workweek
19. Putting together a request for proposal is a quick process.
20. Information that is gathered for measuring the effectiveness of a performance management system but is irrelevant represents _____ of the performance measure.
21. If peer review does not lead to a settlement a neutral party from outside the organization hears the case and tries to help the people in conflict arrive at a settlement. This process is called:
open-door policy.
fair representation.
22. The most widespread methods for eliminating labor shortages are:
overtime and retrained transfers.
overtime and new external hires.
outsourcing work and work sharing.
retrained transfers and turnover reduction.
hiring temporary workers and outsourcing work.
23. Identify a criticism against electronic monitoring systems.
They threaten to make the workplace an electronic sweatshop robbing employees of their dignity.
They do not increase productivity.
The systems prevent employees from exaggerating the number of hours they worked.
They can store records of employee performance work-rule violations and disciplinary actions.
They cannot monitor performance measures electronically.
24. Which of the following is true according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1991?
Employers are required to make reasonable accommodation to disabled individuals.
The employer can ask preemployment questions to investigate disabilities.
The interviewer is permitted to ask the candidate the number of sick leaves he/she took at his/her previous job.
The employer is permitted to use for hiring decisions employment physical exams that could reveal a psychological or physical disability.
The interviewer is prohibited from asking a candidate if he/she can meet the attendance requirements for the job.
25. Work processes are the activities that a work units members engage in to produce a given output.
26. Paying most or all of a salesperson’s compensation in the form of commissions encourages the salesperson to focus on:
closing the sale.
developing customer goodwill.
improving the quality of customer experience.
working as a team member.
building a relationship with the customer.
27. Which of the following is true of downsizing?
The negative impact of downsizing is especially low for those organizations that emphasize research and development.
The negative effect of downsizing is especially low among firms that engage in high-involvement work practices.
Downsizing campaigns only eliminate people who are replaceable.
Downsizing often disrupts the social networks through which people are creative and flexible.
Downsizing improves long-term organizational effectiveness.
28. ESOP does not give employees the right to participate in votes by shareholders even if the stock is registered on a national exchange.
29. Under the FLSA children aged 14 and 15 may not be employed in any work associated with interstate commerce.
30. Which of the following types of professions would typically have an apprenticeship?
31. How does total quality management (TQM) obtain objective feedback?
From the methods that use several statements describing each trait to produce a final score for that trait.
From managers peers and customers about the employee’s personal qualities.
From the method that lists traits and provides feedback for each trait.
From the methods that rate behaviors in terms of a scale showing specific statements of behavior that describe different levels of performance.
From the methods that use charts to detail causes of problems measures of performance or relationships between work-related variables.
32. After a large fire accident at Hilson Mills the OSHA constituted a board of inspectors who were working to ensure the safety of the employees in the future. This board began its program by calling all the employees involved in the recent fire accident and asked them what had caused the accident. Once each individual employee had put forth his views the employees were asked to discuss amongst themselves to determine the single systemic failure that caused the fire. Which of the following methods is being used by the OSHA in studying the recent fire accident at Hilson Mills?
Utilization analysis
Technic of operations review
Operations cycle review
Job hazard analysis technique
Standard protocol review
33. According to ERISA employees whose contributions are vested have met the requirements to receive a pension at retirement age.
34. Tax-favored 529 savings plans allow employees to set aside a portion of their pretax earnings to purchase long-term care insurance.
35. As a method of downsizing early-retirement programs have been shown to be:
by far the most effective.
a better alternative to the grenade approach.
most suited to distinguish clearly between good and poor performers.
linked to greater employee suffering and distress.
36. The _____ is a report that describes a pension plan’s funding eligibility requirements risks and other details.
top-heavy plan
mission statement
labor law posting
balanced scorecard
summary plan description
37. Which of the following types of incentive pay plans are used to reward individual performance?
Scanlon plan
Stock ownership
Merit pay
Profit sharing
38. The paired-comparison method of measuring employee performance:
rates everyone favorably or near the center of the scale.
assigns a certain percentage of employees to each category in a set of categories.
requires managers to rank employees in their group from the highest performer to the poorest performer.
is also known as the alternation ranking method.
involves comparing each employee with each other employee to establish rankings.
39. Generally organizations encourage voluntary turnover among top management since it is inexpensive.
40. The HR function of _____ involves acquiring knowledge skills and behavior that improve employees ability to meet the challenges of a variety of new or existing jobs including the client and customer demands of those jobs.
employee relations
personnel policy
41. Organizational analysis looks at training needs with respect to the:
readiness of employees for training.
managements support for training activities.
employees strategy toward achieving organizational goals.
monetary incentives the management has promised its employees.
severance package deal for a particular batch of employees.
42. Under Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 employers must reemploy workers who left jobs to fulfill military duties for up to _____ years.
43. In the role analysis technique the people who directly interact with the person who is filling a new role is referred to as the persons:
role occupants.
role set.
role managers.
role sitters.
44. Pay specifically designed to energize direct or control employees’ behavior is known as:
monthly salary.
incentive pay.
fixed pay.
annual salary.
45. Which of the following refers to the process of getting detailed information about jobs?
Job analysis
Supply chain management
Policy creation
Job rotation
Job orientation
46. Which of the following is true of an employee’s domestic partner under the health insurance benefits?
They are not covered under the employee’s health insurance benefits.
They are not considered as dependents of the employee.
They receive benefits only if they work in the same firm as the employee.
They get the same tax benefits as those received by spouses.
They get benefits that are taxed as wages of the employee receiving the benefits.
47. Which of the following types of incentive plans are specifically designed to promote group performance?
Standard hour plans
Merit pay
Performance bonuses
48. Employers that offer medical insurance must meet the requirements of the _____.
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Glass-Steagall Act
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Employee Retirement Income Security Act
49. A phased-retirement program refers to:
reducing the number of hours older employees work as well as the cost of these employees.
offering alternative work locations and work responsibilities to older employees.
giving older employees a certain time limit to voluntarily retire.
laying off older employees in small batches.
giving lucrative incentives to a large number of older employees to voluntarily retire.
50. Employees can sue employers for wrongful discharge only if the employee was contracted under an employment-at-will.
51. An individual who is actively seeking employment is a part of an organization’s external labor market.
52. An organization uses a gainsharing program in which employees receive a bonus if the ratio of labor costs to the sales value of production is below a set standard. This incentive plan is referred to as:
group bonus.
merit pay plan.
team award.
Scanlon plan.
piecework rate.
53. When job structure and market data conflict organizations should base their pay only on market forces because this is the only approach that does not have any practical drawbacks.
54. How does the balanced scorecard help organizations deal with unethical behaviors of executives?
Rewarding the achievement of a variety of goals reduces temptation on the executive’s part to gain bonuses by manipulating data.
It encourages executives to hold on to their stock options when the company is undergoing financial problems.
In a balance scorecard maximum points are given to ethical behavior.
It forces executives to focus on company’s long-term success because funds in ESOP are guaranteed by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.
It allows companies to deduct executive pay that exceeds $1 million.
55. Assessment centers are primarily used to identify employees’ technical skills.
56. Content validation is most suitable for measuring abstract qualities such as intelligence or leadership ability.
57. _____ tests are sometimes called intelligence tests.
Cognitive ability
58. Approaches to employee development fall into four broad categories: formal education assessment job experiences and interpersonal relationships.
59. Occupational Safety and Health Act directly regulates employee behavior in work places to ensure safety.
60. Legally defensible performance management systems are based on valid job analyses.
61. In terms of compensation benchmarking involves the use of pay surveys.
62. Gainsharing addresses the challenge of identifying appropriate performance measures for complex jobs.
63. The unemployment insurance program is financed largely through federal and state taxes on:
employers only.
both employees and employers.
employees only.
only high income group of citizens.
64. Recruitment sources affect the characteristics of both the vacancies and the applicants.
65. A(n) _____ refers to the meeting of a departing employee with the employees supervisor and/or a human resource specialist to discuss the employees reasons for leaving.
summary dismissal
affirmative action
exit interview
observation interview
66. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to all organizations irrespective of its size or number of employees.
67. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator individuals with a Perceiving (P) preference:
do not like surprises.
focus more on possibilities and relationships among facts.
are comfortable with changing a decision.
like deadlines.
are conclusive and focused on goals.
68. Why do organizations use profit sharing?
It costs less when the organization is experiencing financial difficulties.
It motivates employees more than individual incentives.
It makes employees feel that they have control over the company’s profits.
It helps employees find a direct relation between their performance and gain.
It has been established that profit sharing helps organizations perform better.
69. In which of the following scenarios will workers be less motivated to perform the job?
When a person receives clear information about performance effectiveness from the work itself
When the job allows individuals to take autonomous decisions about the job
When the job requires completing the whole piece of work from beginning to end
When the job has minimal impact on the lives of other people
When the job requires a variety of skills to be performed
70. The employer’s _____ refers to the number of employees the company laid off in the past and the cost of providing them with unemployment benefits.
wage drift
Six Sigma score
experience rating
71. In general Social Security provides support for _____.
self-injured workers
laid-off workers
workers injured on the job
retired workers
sick workers
72. As an incentive to work efficiently some organizations pay production workers a ____ a wage based on the amount they produce.
piecework rate
special bonus
standard hour pay
merit pay
73. _____ refers to the intentional practice of changing jobs frequently.
Job enlargement
Job enrichment
Job hopping
74. The final stage in work flow analysis is to identify the _____.
market forces of demand and supply for the outputs
tangible outputs of a particular work unit
operating procedures to be applied in production
inputs used in the development of the work unit’s product
work processes used to generate the outputs of the work unit
75. What is the goal of ergonomics?
Empowering the employees by giving them decision-making authority
Reducing the physical strain on employees performing the job
Reducing the number of reporting relationships in the job
Increasing the jobs mental demands
Enlarging jobs by moving employees among several different jobs
76. The degree to which a measure is free from random error refers to its validity.
77. An organization uses Scanlon plan to provide incentives to employees. The workers produce parts worth $5 million. The target ratio set by the organization is 30%. The employees will be given a bonus if the actual labor costs are less than:
$1.5 million.
$2.5 million.
$1 million.
$0.5 million.
$2 million.
78. How does a human resource information system help the organization?
It can be used to develop new lines of products.
It can be used to scrutinize balance sheets.
It can be used by salespeople to improve targeting.
It can help avoid litigation and lawsuits.
It can be used to provide employee coaching.
79. The most accurate way to evaluate the training program is to:
conduct pretests and train only part of the employees.
check trainees performance knowledge and attitudes only after training.
use only a pretest.
conduct pretests and posttests on all trainees.
use only a posttest.
80. Which legal benefit requires employers to pay payroll tax depending on state requirements?
Long-term disability insurance
Unpaid family medical leave
Health care benefits
Unemployment insurance
Workers’ compensation
81. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that employers obtain a candidates consent before downloading his/her rsum from an on-line job site.
82. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Procedures is the agency responsible for enforcing the executive orders that cover companies doing business with the federal government.
83. Employers use application forms for all of the following reasons EXCEPT that:
they enable organizations to rank applicants.
they are a low-cost way to gather basic data from many applicants.
they ensure that the organization has certain standard categories of information.
they are not subject to equal employment opportunity standards.
they allow the employer to keep up-to-date records of job applicants.
84. Total quality management is intended to bring about a continuous process of quality improvement.
85. The compa-ratio:
measures the degree to which new skills learnt are consistent with the increases in pay.
measures the degree to which actual pay is consistent with the pay policy.
can range from 0 to 100 percent.
is defined as average pay for the grade divided by the minimum pay for the grade.
uses data from market-pay surveys.
86. A bona fide occupational qualification _____.
is strictly prohibited by organizations
is a necessary qualification for the job
is a preferred qualification for the job
is considered illegal by the court
is used to deem disparate treatment illegal
87. What is the difference between bonuses and team awards?
Bonuses are for bigger work groups whereas team awards are for small teams.
Bonuses reward attainment of goals measured in terms of physical output whereas team awards reward performance in terms of cost savings.
Bonuses are usually given to employees who meet deadlines whereas team awards are given only when the team as a whole meets the targets.
Bonuses encourages competition among individuals whereas team awards only foster cooperation.
Bonuses reward individual performance whereas team awards encourage cooperation.
88. The balanced-scorecard approach is not particularly useful in designing executive pay.
89. Which of the following is true of key jobs?
These are jobs that have highly unstable content.
The organization usually has no survey data for key jobs.
Organizations make the process of creating a pay structure more impractical by defining key jobs.
A job with a higher evaluation score than a particular key job would receive higher pay than that key job.
These are jobs that are unique among organizations and are rare to obtain.
90. Which of the following is true of ethics in human resource management?
Evidence shows that HRM practices are invariably ethical.
Many ethical issues in the workplace involve human resource management.
Most people believe that individuals apply values they hold in their personal lives to their professional activities.
Most managers have a positive perception of the ethical conduct of U.S. businesses.
The general public has a positive perception of the ethical conduct of U.S. businesses.
91. In a self-assessment the organization’s responsibility is to identify opportunities and areas that need improvement.
92. Which of the following is true of the Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ)?
PAQ ratings cannot be used to compare dissimilar jobs.
It considers only the inputs of a work process ignoring the outputs.
PAQ reports provide concrete recommendations useful for writing job descriptions or redesigning jobs.
The PAQ is meant to be completed only by job analysts trained in this method.
The descriptions in the PAQ reports are very clear and specific.
93. The process of communicating information about a job vacancy on company bulletin boards in employee publications on corporate intranets and anywhere else the organization communicates with employees is referred to as:
external hiring.
a workforce utilization review.
direct sourcing.
job postings.
employment referral.
94. Which of the following is a comparative performance appraisal technique?
Complex distribution
Paired distribution
Simple ranking
Mixed-standards scale
Forced comparison
95. Organizations that want employees to focus on efficiency and on group incentives are most likely to implement a _____ program.
piece rate pay
standard hour
96. Which of the following helps identify employees’ preferences for working in different types of environments like sales and counseling?
Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Leaderless group discussion
Self-Directed Search
97. One of the qualities of human resources is that _____.
it is negligible in terms of value
it is highly substitutable and interchangeable
it is indispensable for building a competitive advantage
it is easily imitated by rivals
it is easily available for all companies to utilize
98. Human resources cannot be imitated.
99. Under the ADA when an employer makes hiring decisions he is permitted to use employment physical exams that could reveal a psychological or physical disability.
100. _____ is a systematic planned effort to attract retain develop and motivate highly skilled employees and managers.
Conjoint analysis
Work flow analysis
Talent management
Performance management
Job analysis
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