Brand Analysis

A brand is a persons gut feeling about a product, service, or company. Its not what YOU say it is. Its what THEY say it is.
~ Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap
Conduct market research and be able to identify the main trend in your specific industry using the PEST Analysis method of research.
This week’s discussion board will focus on how market research is used to differentiate brands. Conduct research on one segment of the entertainment industry. You will be conducting market research on the specific segment of the entertainment industry you will be entering. 

Instructions: Post 1
Initial Post (80%) – DUE WEDNESDAY

1. MARKET RESEARCH – Provide a 3-paragraph industry analysis for the industry you are entering. Conduct a PEST Analysis to discover the main topics influencing the industry. Be sure to answer the following: What is the main trend within your specific industry?

      (Citation required.)


Instructions: Post 2

1.  Create your follow-up post for this weeks discussion to include your analysis or input about another students market research, industry trends, or competitive review post. Include a reference link in your follow-up post. The response post should be a minimum of one paragraph.

Enter an initial post by Wednesday at 11:59PM EST answering the discussion questions.
Enter a response post by Sunday at 11:59PM EST to at least one of your classmates initial posts or response posts.
Your initial post must be a minimum of two to four paragraphs and cite at least one source. Please use an in-text citation. An end reference is not necessary.
Your response post must be a minimum of one paragraph. It is not necessary to cite an outside source for the response post if one is not used.
Grading Criteria
Please download the attached rubric.

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