For this first Article Analysis, I will provide you with 3 articles and you will need to pick one of them to analyze. For the second and third analyses, I will provide a topic, and you’ll have to find your own articles.

Here are the choices:

Analyze your article in a an essay of 1000 words or fewer.  You need to address the following:
What hypothesis was tested?
How was it tested?
Was the hypothesis supported or rejected?
Who sponsored the research? Is the sponsor of the science mentioned?  This could be a university where research was conducted, a company that supplied funding, etc.  Do you think the sponsor may have influenced the science?  By that I mean do you think the source of funding could lead to a conflict of interest?
What are some implications of this research?
How to find out more information? What could you do if you wanted to find out more about the topic?  Be more specific than I could look it up in Google. Tell me what you would actually do.
Use headings to specifically indicate where the needed information is located in your analysis (i.e. use the bolded bulleted items above).

Attach the article to your assignment (or copy a link) You dont need to summarize the article, since Ive already read it.

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