Beefsteak: Reinforcing Culture Through Human Capital Development Case StudyRecruiting and Selecting

Beefsteak is a fast-casual restaurant concept from acclaimed Chef Jos Andrs that focuses on the unsung power of vegetables. Jos Andrs is a world-renowned chef and owner of a number of restaurants. He was nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for his work with disaster relief through his non-profit organization World Central Kitchen. Andrss mission is to change the world through the power of food.

For this assignment, you will be developing a recruiting and a selection strategy for Beefsteak to include both managerial and staff positions.

1. Sourcing: process of generating a pool of applicants.
2. Assessing: evaluation of knowledge, skills, and abilities, and other characteristics necessary to perform a job.
3. Employing: process of moving the desired candidate into employment

First, consider and discuss the importance of Beefsteak having a positive organizational image and brand, and the impact on recruitment. Take into consideration the importance of recruiting for diversity. Next, you will need to develop a selection process, starting with the application, recommendations, employment testing, past experience, drug screening, computer-based screening, and interviewing. Be sure to consider both managerial and staffing positions for both the recruiting and selection strategies.

In this paper,

Analyze Beefsteaks company profile and business model.
Construct a recruiting strategy using the three-sequential stages.
Discuss the benefits of diversity in recruiting, Beefsteaks brand, contemporary human capital topics, and predictive analysis.
Create a selection strategy for both managerial and staff positions.

Research and review credible sources to gain an understanding of the latest development of the Beefsteak Company.

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