Bacon and La Mettrie

Please answer the question using the attached pdf file.
1.Based on your reading of Francis Bacons On Superstition and the Virtue of Science (1620), what is the most significant adversary to the natural philosopher? What do Bacons conception of natural philosophy suggest about the broader relationship between science and religion in the seventeenth century? Also, in your opinion, do you think Bacon is against religion?

2. What does Julien Offray de La Mettrie means when he writes: Man is a machine constructed in such a way that is impossible first of all to have a clear idea of it and consequently define it. That is why all the greatest philosophers a priori research, in which they tried, as it were, to use the wings of the mind, have failed. Hence it is only a posteriori, or by trying as it were to disentangle the soul from the bodys organs, that we can, not necessarily discover with certainty the true nature of man, but reach the greatest possible degree of probability on the subject. (p. 27). How does this passage reflect La Mettries materialistic worldview?

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