Baby Durables/ Baby Care (focusing on baby blankets)

Hi I need someone to write this section of the paper

“Company Overview and Project Description brief overview of Dreamland Baby and the market they currently expect to address AND a  clear description of the project and analysis your team is addressing in your paper”


“Analyze how the market is currently purchasing the product/service that your client is offering.  For each competitor you will identify the following information (all may not be available for all  competitors):

Competitor Name & Description Who are they with a brief company overview?
Nested Bean,
Baby Deedee,

Positioning How do they position their product(s) to the market? 

The 4 Ps [YOU CAN MAKE IT IN A TABLE FORM] List the products, pricing, key promotional tactics and selling channels (Place)  that these competitors use. Make some observations relative to competitive products and  pricing relative to products and pricing.

Market Share As best you can try to determine what each competitors share of the  market is as described in the project statement. 

Strengths & Weaknesses List the strengths and weaknesses of each of the competitors  overall. “

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