Assignment 6 4

Psychiatric Diagnosis
For this assignment students will investigate and propose a psychiatric diagnosis based on the case study from the Gorenstein and Comer (2015) textbookCase Studies in Abnormal Psychology chosen in the Week One Initial Call discussion. This paper will include an in-depth overview of the disorder(s) within the diagnosis treatment options for the diagnosis and a sound rationale that explains why this diagnosis was made. Note that the diagnosis may include more than one psychiatric disorder.
The paper must present a thorough overview of each disorder within the diagnosis.Assume the audience has no prior knowledge of the disorder(s) within the diagnosis and provide relevant and easy to understand explanations of each for the readers.When writing the paper it is critical to convey all the necessary information in a straightforward manner using non-technical language) Support the analysis with at least five peer-reviewed sources published within the last ten years in addition to the course text.
The Psychiatric Diagnosis topical paper must include the following:
he Psychiatric Diagnosis

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