asian study

Your answers will be graded on (1) Clarity of argument; (2) Strength and variety of evidence; (3) Organization; (4) Effectiveness of prose; and (5) Originality.

You are expected to draw from readings, lecture materials, and your own thoughts. The course materials are the raw materials for the manufacturing of your own arguments. As with your papers, each of your essays should include a clear and well-organized argument that is supported by evidence from lectures and readings. No need for full citations, but you SHOULD mention particular authors by name. (For example: Huntington argues that or Professor Luceros suggested in lecture that)

1.    What difference does it make if we understand the Cold War as a Global Cold War, as Westad does? In your answer describe what a global approach means to thinking about a conflict that was usually understood in East-West (or Soviet-US) terms?

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