Final Paper Outline (due March 30)Final Paper Outline (due March 30) Introduction, Outline and Annotated Bibliography with Three Sources Review the final paper assignment (see below). Start to think about what direction you will take for the final paper. For March 30, develop the following: Compose an introductory paragraph (or paragraphs) that clearly state your thesis. Develop an outline for at least five other paragraphs (for examples of how to write an outline see related to the two main sections. Include potential quotes or citations (with Chicago-style footnotes) of sources from your bibliography. Create an annotated bibliography of three sources relevant to your research. Each annotation should be at least three sentences long (for an example of a Chicago-style annotation see General Points to Consider: Include a clear thesis statement and introduction. The first section should include a formal description of the work or works you will assess. Try to provide an in-depth description of all relevant details. You should translate visual information into verbal information. The remainder of the essay should hone in on more specific analyses of aspects of the work/s of art connecting these to your thesis. Students will need to consult proper historical and art historical sources in order to complete all phases of this project.

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