Discussion #9: Earthworks/Land Art/Earth Art
This is our turn to learn about Land Art. Earth Art, Earth Works, etc. This style or genre of art happened around the 1950s and 60s when artists were questioning the validity of the gallery or what is also referred to as the “white cube,” These artists, (white men mostly) went out into nature to find their own version of what it means to alter the earth and/or communicate with a specific location.
Select an artist that works in this way. You may find your own or use a name from above videos if you wish. Spend some time reviewing their body of work before selecting a piece you want to share with the class.

Upload an image of the work (5 points)

Give title information (title, year, medium, size) (5 points)

Cite your sources (5 points)

Write a 200-250 word essay introducing the artist, describing their relationship with the earth or a location, and what you found interesting about the work (15 points)

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