Argumentative essay

Using my paper do a 6 pages argumentative essay about the movie Jules and Jim and using the paper below. Using the sources and follow my instructions the principal argument is why catherine is a narcissist and a psychopath make sure that you watch the movie and bring concret examples from the movie to argument.

My presentation of the movie Jules and Jim made me reflect on the plot and the attitude of each character. For me the most intriguing and complex character is the one Interpreted by the great actress Jeanne Moreau with the role of Catherine.

In that dramatic comedy realized by Francois Truffaut we discovered the story of two good friends leaving widely, who fall in love with the intangible Catherine.

Even both colleagues have many differences, Jim was a reserved man from France and Jules a confident man from Austria. Their Friendship was respectable especially because it was during the war.

Their meeting with Catherine will upset their balance.

The love Triangle will be very painful for both men because Catherine find her happiness in drama. The end of the movie will be tragic because

Catherine decided to kill Jules and commit a suicide, act which will lessen a deeply grieving Jim and their children traumatized. Catherine is definitely the character to argument about

She is a narcissist pervert and a psychopath. She need attention, and to feel the pain from other to be happy. She played with others emotions and thinking and become dangerous and violent when she no longer has a hold on a person.


Review of the movie.

Presentation of the context.

Presentation of the Author Francois Truffaut.

Presentation of the personage: Jules, Jim, Catherine, Albert.

Description of their relationship with Catherine.

Attitude and feelings of each personage.

Effect of Catherine toxic attitude.

Why is Catherine a narcissist pervert?

Narcissist Pervert definition.

Arguments and profs.

Why is Catherine a psychopath?

Psychopath definition.

Arguments a profs

Possible counter arguments.



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