argument essay-4 pages CAN ONLY CHOOSE 1 TITLE BELOW

1. People should be allowed to sell their organs.
2. Cloning should be banned.
3. Foreign language proficiency should be a high school graduation requirement.
4. Gun control is an effective method of reducing crime.
5. Legalization of marijuana is wrong.
6. Home schooling is a good way for children to receive a quality education.
7.eEigarettesshould be allowed in offices.
8. Human euthanasia (assisted suicide) should be legalized.
9. Genetically-modified food is safe and will help feed our planet.
10. Cyclists should be licensed and taxed in support of road and bike lane development and maintenance.
Choose 1 topic from the 10 topics here to wirte an argument essay. First talk about some reasonable points in this topic and then to refute the argument. SEE THE REQUIRMENT BELOW MAKE SURE TO GO OVER THEM CAREFULLY.

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