Argue about a topic.

The essay should be 1300-1600 words (4-5 pages) in length, typed, double-spaced, in MLA format.  You must have three (3)-six (6) outside sources (other than your own examples or observations), taken from books, periodicals, scholarly journals, interviews, surveys, and other forms of field research.  One of these sources must be a scholarly/peer-reviewed article or from a scholarly book (a university press publisher, for example); this requirement is to encourage you to become aware of and make use of scholarly materials. Make sure to document any quotes, paraphrases, summaries or other research by including in-text citation of your sources. Create a Works Cited page, listing all sources used, at the end of the document according to MLA format. The essay should also include a point of concession to the opposing point of view; it may also include a counterargument/refutation to the opposing point of view.

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