Deliverable Length:45 pages
Key Assignment
Note:The Key Assignment encompasses components from Week 4 and Week 5.
Bob and Barbara Parker are in their 30s and have been married for 7 years. They have 2 children. They own 2 cars and a home valued at $500000. Bob owns 50% of a garage door installation company valued at $2000000. The business provides the Parkers with a gross annual income of $150000 per year. The Parkers have $300000 in their retirement account and $100000 in their personal checking account. Bobs partner Rick Wilson owns the other 50% of the business. Bob has a $250000 term life insurance policy but no other insurance coverage.
Part 1 (Week 4)
Part 2 (Week 4)
Complete a chart with recommended coverage and amounts of coverage.
Part 3 (Week 5)

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