Application Essay

There are many reasons why I am applying to your school, as I believe

it to be somewhere that I could enjoy my educational experience in a high-

quality environment. The fine quality of instruction that would be

available to me there and the amount of learning facilities and

opportunities are very valuable, and they would help me to further my

education in a way that some other schools could not. I understand the

value of a good education, and I am not attending college to party and

cause trouble, or to socialize with everyone that I meet. I am one of the

students that take my education seriously enough to consider only schools

where I feel that I can learn and grow as a person and not be bothered by

many of the issues that plague students at other schools.

I have strong personal and professional goals, and they can only be

achieved by attending college and working toward them. I would like to do

this as early as possible so that I can complete my education and move

forward into my chosen career. I have no desire to be stuck’ in a job

that is going nowhere and that does not require a college education. I see

the value of jobs such as these while one is working his or her way through

school, but not for a lifelong occupation. I have a desire to do much more

than that with my life and am prepared to work for that.

I have made good grades throughout high school and plan to continue

that trend in college. I considered myself to be intelligent, a hard

worker, and dedicated to learning as much as I can in college so that I can

perform my career duties in the best and most efficient way possible.

Within the confines of an essay, it is almost impossible to convey the

seriousness that I have for schooling and the deep feelings that I have

toward attending your school in particular. It is also difficult to sell

oneself as a person and as a student, but I feel t…

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