Application Essay for Business Administration Program

In todays complex, multi-faceted business world, the role of a good education has numerous benefits. In order to succeed in any business, both personally and as to the expectations of your employer and you clients, one must have an education and training that provides one with the knowledge and skills to excel.

I ask that you kindly consider my resume and application for admission to the Texas A & M Masters of Business Administration program. As you can gather from my resume, my educational, professional, and personal background epitomizes your schools focus on providing a stellar business education while also providing hands-on experience and working on developing important business networks. Besides having real-world experience in the business world, I have been a student leader, a scholar, and a community volunteer.

My interdisciplinary driven life has allowed me to develop and fine-tune the various skills needed to be a well-rounded student and business administrator. For example, my time spent in the business world has given me the skills of working with, and understanding, the intricacies of running a successful business operation. What I have learned is that the business administration process of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation is multi-dimensional. In all of the activities I have done, I consistently find myself returning to the basics of this process. More so, when applying this process in business environments, I have come to a better understanding of the importance and functionality of being a successful business person.

I feel I would be an ideal candidate for your M.B.A. program because my diverse background matches Texas A & Ms focus on providing their students with a diverse and practical business education. I believe what separates the Texas A & M M.B.A. program from others is its commitment to creating a well-rounded business leader by providing an interdisciplinary …

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