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Cash Flow Analysis: In this section, answer the following for the trend analysis: What are the total cash flows from operating, investing and financing activities as well as the change in cash and cash equivalents for each year? How have these numbers changed over the three years and what could be some reasons why these numbers have changed the way they have? In addition, pick at least one appropriate (for this statement) ratio or financial in addition to what is provided and calculate that and explain it.  See the section on ratio analysis below for ideas.

For this assignment, write and submit the Cash Flow Analysis section of the final project.  Do not include any sections of the final project that you wrote for previous assignments.  Only include the section asked for in this assignment.

3)        Your assignment must follow all the formatting guidelines laid out in the final project (such as including APA-formatted title page, references, in-text citations, and have at least  2 pages of content.).

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