Any topic (writer’s choice)

Choose two works to analyze.
The works must be connected in some way to the material covered in Unit 2, whether it be the same work of art, the same time period, same artist, same style, etc.
Describe the work. Make the connection to the course content clear, using terms learned in class. You might find it helpful to put those terms in bold.
Include photos the works you chose.
Include basic information such as the title, artist, size, the medium (i.e., sculpture, oil paint on canvas, etc.), when it was created, the artistic style, etc.
What is the artistic style (i.e., Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Post-Impressionism, etc.). Describe the artistic techniques that were used and how it reflects the characteristics of the style.
Describe how the work is currently being displayed at the museum and whether it differs from the work’s original context.
Consider how the museum acquired the work of art and whether the acquisition was ethical.
What is the most interesting new thing you learned about this work of art?
Describe a brief history of the museum.
Write a paragraph about the history of the museum. When was it established and by whom? What was the original mission of the museum? Has that mission changed? Does the museum receive funding from public or private sources? Describe the physical building and the architect who designed it. How does the architecture impact the overall experience at attending the museum?
What is the role of the museum?
Watch one or both of the following videos:
The Case for Museums (Links to an external site.) (8:40)
Remake the Met (Links to an external site.) (10:07)
Write a paragraph about the role of museums in 21st century culture. Are museums useful in the study of the humanities? In what ways are museums problematic? How has the pandemic impacted museums? How do you think museums will change as a result of the pandemic? 

here is the link to the museum

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