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1. Should the Department of Defense and the military be responsible for post-war nation-building or should this be primarily the function of others? Why or why not and if not then who? If not, then what should be the continuing role of the military?

2. Should the military services and their capabilities be more integrated functionally? Given cultural differences, why do we have 4 “air forces” ( Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines) and 2 “armies” ( Army & Marine Corps)? Wouldn’t more integration be more cost-effective? Would operational effectiveness be degraded?

3. Given the development of drone swarms, hypersonic and cyber weapons, should we continue to invest in force structure designed to counter a peer competitor (ie tanks, long-range bombers, large warships) or should we focus more on cheaper light, maneuverable, high tech and unmanned weapons in confronting the enemies of today? Do we need both?

4. Answer Question 4 in Snow pg 123. (ATTACHED)

Geopolitics and globalization have been described in the text as the yin and yang of the contemporary international system. what does that mean? discuss.

5. Answer Question 2 in Snow pg 151. (ATTACHED)
What are the constitutional powers provided to the executive branch in the area of national security? what are congressional powers? compare and contrast them.

I have attached reference pages to answer questions 4 and 5.
Book National Security by Donald M. Snow

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