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The faded remains of David Alfaro Siqueiros’ mural Amrica Tropical.

Digital Reconstruction of Amrica Tropical.

In Discussion A we discuss the controversy over Diego Rivera’s mural for Nelson Rockefeller, Man at the Crossroads.
In 1932, David Alfaro Siqueiros encountered similar opposition to the political aspects of his work. His two commissioned public murals in Los Angeles, Street Meeting and Amrica Tropical, were painted over shortly after their creation, but his work had lasting influence in Chicano Movement murals, which we will discuss in Chapter 5.

In 2012, the Los Angeles Autry Museum’s exhibition, Siqueiros In Los Angeles: Censorship Defied, explored the impact of Siqueiros’ work. To help preserve what’s left of the mural, massive conservation work took place and eventually in that year (2012), it was reopened to the public with an accompanying interpretation center.

Read this NPR report (Links to an external site.) and this L.A. Times article about its restoration. I posted the article pdf under these week’s modules – please find the resource there!

What was Christine Sterling’s original view for the development around Olvera Street, and how does that relate to the Mission Myth discussed in the chapter reading (Chapter 4 Part 2)? What elements do you see in Siqueiros’ mural that conflict with that view?

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