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Part 1. What is ONE issue presented in Just Mercy that you would like to see changed? Then, how would you change it? Now, in your answer, I want you to be creative. Pretend there are no barriers, such as money or technology. By the same token, be respectful. In other words, don’t say, as did a student once, that in order to solve the homeless problem, we should just kill all the homeless people. Gross and completely disrespectful! The student said he was being ironic, but it didn’t come off that way at all. So, don’t be flippant in your answer either. The whole point of this assignment is to think critically about a problem and be creative in your solution.

Tell me what you would do and how you think you would implement it. I’m not worried so much about whether it will work or not right now, but could it work in the future?

The answer should be fully developed and show critical thinking.

total with at least 500 words.

Part 2 answer 2 questions(each answer must be at least 125 words)
1. Stevenson laments that the opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty, in too many places, is justice. How do you feel when you read those words?
2.Were you satisfied with the amount of time devoted to how the court system deals with mental illness, women, and children? Are you inspired to learn more?

Book: Just Mercy

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