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IRECTIONS: Please provide your answers to the following set of questions in the following manner:
type-written, double-spaced, with answers appearing in the same order as the questions.

1.      What is the Black Aesthetic? Indicate important markers of its development/presence
during the 20th century. [15 pts]

2.    Discuss briefly important implications of medical and scientific research examples like the
Henrietta Lacks and Tuskegee study cases for the African American experience
in the U. S. [15 pts]

3.    Discuss important factors that help explain why there are wealth disparities between
African Americans and European Americans in the U. S. How can African Americans
close this gap during the 21st century? [15 pts]

4.    What are the major forms of African American music? What are the signature characteristics of this music? [20 pts]

5.    As based on Anderson and Stewarts discussion, identify costs and benefits of the use of science and technology within the African American community. [15 points]

6.    What are said to be the defining archtypes and stereotypes associated with the portrayal of black characters in U. S. film and television works? Which of these, if any, do you think are still apparent in 21st century productions in these media? [20 pts]

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