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This Final Assignment consists of 10 essay questions and 2 bonus essay questions. Each question is worth 10 points. This assignment is worth a total of 100 points. Answer each question FULLY and to the best of your ability. All of the questions posed WILL require you to think both conceptually (the ability to see the bigger picture and apply it to the questions posed in the form of an answer) and reflectively (the ability to reflect back on what you have learned in this course and apply it to the questions posed in the form of an answer). As with many of the chapter assignment questions, these questions will examine if you 1) understand the knowledge posed in this course and 2) have the ability to apply said knowledge. As always, partial credit WILL be given in most cases, HOWEVER, you MAY NOT receive a passing grade for this assignment by merely achieving partial credit. Grammar will be graded carefully. Failure to address the questions fully and properly MAY result in a 0 for that question. A common rule of thumb is, if you think you typed enough, you PROBABLY DID NOT. PLEASE, TELL ME MORE!!!


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the COVID-19 global pandemic has infected more than 9,600,000 people and has destroyed the lives of over 2,000,000 people in 212 countries and territories world-wide (as of January 20th, 2021). More specifically, the Louisiana Department of Health reports that the COVID-19 global pandemic has infected more than 370,000 Louisianans that has led to more than 8,200 deaths (as of January 20th, 2021).

COVID-19 or the Corona Virus first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late December 2019. The COVID-19 global pandemic has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets. Unfortunately, experts agree that this global pandemic is sure to increase in the number of reported cases and in the lives lost. 

Major institutions and banks have cut their forecasts for the global economy, with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development being one of the latest to do so. Many experts agree, the world is heading for a depression, the likes of which have not been seen since World War II. Meanwhile, fears of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the impact on the global economy have rocked financial markets world-wide, with stock prices and bond yields plunging. The last three years of historic gains experienced by the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ have been wiped away in a matter of a month. 

It is not a good time to be in business or is it?

You are a middle manager for ABC International (ABCI). ABCI, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is an import/export business that both produces customer specific solutions (through 3D printing solutions) and provides support and services to those items ABCI sells. ABCI has been immensely successful and profitable since becoming an LLC in 2015. ABCI employs approximately 45 full-time and 15 part-time local residents. Many of ABCIs employees receive full benefits and excellent compensation. The last 5 years could not prepare ABCI and other businesses for the adverse effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic. One of the latest 3D printed solutions ABCI is currently manufacturing is a ventilator adaptor. This adaptor allows a single ventilator to assist the breathing of up to four (4) patients suffering from the COVID-19 virus.  Answer the following series of questions as it relates to the COVID-19 global pandemic facing businesses world-wide and your role as a middle manager of ABCI.


Describe how ABCI can use managerial skills to be more responsive to your customers during the COVID-19 global pandemic.
      a. Conceptual Skills?

      b. Human Skills?

      c. Technical Skills?

Define the concept of emotional intelligence. How does having emotional intelligence help managers deal with effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic on employees and customers?
It is often stated that customers are considered to be the most critical stakeholder group. Nothing truer could be stated during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Explain why this is true.
When ABCI exports products, it must pay tariffs. Because of the demand of ABCIs 3D printed ventilator adaptors by foreign countries, do you believe ABCI should still pay tariffs? Why or why not?
Explain the SWOT analysis affecting ABCI relating to the COVID-19 global pandemic.
        a. What are the STRENGTHS of ABCI?

        b. What are the WEAKNESSES of ABCI?

        c. What are the OPPORTUNITIES of ABCI?

        d. What are the THREATS to ABCI?

Since its founding, ABCI has always had a centralized organizational structure. Managing partners are considering opening an additional facility in the northeast to be more responsive to patients suffering from COVID-19 global pandemic. Do you believe that ABCI should keep a centralized organizational structure or move to a more decentralized structure? Explain you reasoning.
The design of the ventilator adaptor was created by intrapreneurs of ABCI. What benefits can they receive from their innovation?
As a middle manager of ABCI, youve noticed changes in your employees since the COVID-19 global pandemic started. Address each need (five of them) of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs your employees may be having and provide a solution to each of them.
Your job responsibilities have increased at ABCI, partially because of the production of the ventilator adaptors. You must empower your subordinates to take on some of your responsibilities. List three (3) of the possible benefits you can receive from empowering your employees?
Because of the increasing global demand of the ventilator adaptors and need for containment of CONVID-19, ABCI is considering outsourcing some of its non-essential production. During this global economic crisis, is this a good or bad idea? Please explain your position.

B1. Effective communication is critical in businesses when the environment is normal. When there is a crisis, such as the COVID-19 global pandemic, effective communication is even more critical. What are some of the consequences of ineffective communication that may affect ABCI and its ability to deliver the ventilator adaptors?

B2. ABCI has been producing high quality products for the past 5 years. In fact, ABCI was chosen as a producer of 3D printed products because of their high quality, innovation, and ability to deliver on the promises made. What are some of the consequences of producing inferior quality ventilator adaptors?

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