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This assessment involves the completion of four key Google Ads Certification modules and a written reflection on your engagement with this experience.
There are two components to the assessment as follows, both of which must be completed and submitted by 2pm on 14th May:
1. Complete the following four (4) official Google Ads Certification online learning modules and accompanying certification exams:

    Google Ads Display Certification
    Google Ads Search Certification
    Google Ads Video Certification
    Google Ads – Measurement Certification

Upon completion of each individual certification, you will be able to access a web page displaying your “certificate”. The URL (i.e. web address) of each of these certifications must be provided in an appendix in your submitted document. See the following example: ).
2. An 800-1000 word reflection paper examining your engagement with the certification process.
Successful completion of the four certification exams is worth 20% of the final grade for this course (marks will be reduced for each one that is not completed). The reflection on your learning experience is worth 30%.
NOTE: It is important that this assessment piece should be completed progressively throughout the semester. Although some time may be allocated in the workshop sessions to complete module components and discuss any issues, questions or concerns, it will not be nearly enough. Therefore, it is strongly recommended you commence this learning material early in the semester and it will be assumed by teaching staff that you have done so. The assessment has considerable “career value” and is also directly applicable to the major project assessment item in this course.
NOTE: You MUST be able to access Google Skillshop to complete this assessment.

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