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TERM Project –
A Case Study: The Incident of Flight #399, Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Step 1: Read A Case Study: The Incident of Flight #399, Southwest Airlines Customer


Step 2: After reviewing the following case, on your own, research two articles and/or case studies similar to this one in regards to customer service experience [article/case study does not have to be related to the airline industry, please focus on the customer service experiences].

After finding two articles/case studies similar, compare each article/case study to the Southwest Flight #399. The articles/case studies does not have to be air-travel related. Once you compare each article/case study, please provide feedback on how you, as hospitality management professional, would handle the situation presented.

Guidelines: Written Component for Step 2your paper must be a minimum of 750 words, and maximum of 1000 words. It should be typed, double-spaced, font type times new roman, font size 12 pt., with margins no larger than 1. The final exam/project should have a professional appearance. The sources should be from Professional / Educational Journals or Periodicals. Articles from the internet are acceptable, but they should be from reliable sources.  Please remember that Wikipedia is not a professional/educational journal or periodical.  You should list all of your sources at the end of the paper and proper credit should be given to the author of your source throughout the paper.  Proper APA citation must be used for all documentation of sources.

Step 3: Write a minimum 500 words a response communication [proper email/letter format] apologizing to Kathy Matthews for her overall experience based on the case study presented to you [Southwest Flight #399]

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