Any topic (writer’s choice)

      For this project, you become a health educator, planning for a health program, to help your target audience to: increase their health knowledge, develop healthy habits/skills/attitudes in order to enhance their chance of higher quality of life.
1)    Listening to your target individual(s) (oral history under COVID). One page summary narrative, or a short video.(5pts.)
2)    Choose one health issue of your target that needs to be addressed.  Do a mini library/literature search on this topic. (5pts.)
3)    Plan for a one hour health education program for your target audience, and plan for evaluation.
Include one goal and at least one objective of your program. (5pts)
4)    Make a page information flyer/pamphlet that you use for education.(5pts.)
5)    Implement your program(5pts) and evaluate your work. (5pts)

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