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Please answer the following questions in preparation for the case discussion.

1. Discuss two positive or negative strategic directions taken by Apple executives (not named Steve Jobs) during its history. Who made these decisions, what may have been the rationale, and what were the consequences?

2. Describe the impact of Steve Jobs on Apple. You may consider both early years and later years. What made him an effective leader, and what aspects of his leadership may not have been good for the company?

3. Describe how Tim Cook became the new CEO. What was his background and preparation to take over that role?

4. Compare/contrast the leadership of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. What value has each provided to the company?

5. Describe the business and corporate strategies used by Apple during Steve Jobs’ second tenure and also during Tim Cook’s tenure.

6. What challenges does Apple face today, and what recommendations would you provide to the company to continue creating value?

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