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Question 1
Read the following case study and answer the following questions.
Kella is a first student at NUST pursuing a bachelors degree in human resource management. The academic year 2020 started well for her at NUST until March when the country was forced into lockdown due to Corona virus pandemic. Fear and panic dawned upon many students including Kella as they feared their academic year is lost. Their fears were shortlived however with the introduction of remote (online) learning. This means Kella and other students can continue their studies though not physically present. Classes started and revised course outlines were provided by lecturers. After going through one of her revised course outlines, she notices that IOP511S major online test is in September. As the test date draw closer, she started studying, listening to recorded sessions on MS teams and audio lectures, and practicing quizzes and case studies to prepare for the test. On the day of the test, Kella said to herself, bring it on, Im ready for this!. As she attempts the test, she was able to remember most of the topics she studied and answered some daring questions correctly. However, she struggled to answer questions on topics such as

intelligence, perception and learning and memory. Because she could not remember the answers to these questions immediately, she left the questions blank. After submitting her test, it is like a veil has been lifted off her eyes and suddenly she remembers the answers. Oh no! she screamed while rolling her head in utter frustration.
1. By applying the Goal Setting learning theory, discuss in detail how Kella could have made her learning process easier. In your assumptions, consider the following requirements of Goal setting: (15)
a. Motivation
b. Specific target
c. Clarity of goal
d. Challenge
e. Feedback
2. We often have the impression that groups form by themselves and start functioning immediately, this is not true (Steyn et. al. 2019). Based on this statement, discuss the five stages your own group went through to complete this group assignment. Consider the following in your discussion. Your discussion must contain relevant examples for each
stage: (10)
a. Processes involved in forming the group
b. Communication between members
c. Members individual differences
d. Conflict management and group cohesion
e. Group dissolution

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