Any topic (writer’s choice)

write 5 reading summaries, 1 summary should be 1 page.

1. Records of the Grand Historian(Document #2 and #3).

2. Chinese Religion, 119-132, 155-159; 169-173

3. Chinese religion, 105-112.
Stories from A Ming Collection,1-149.

4. Six Records

5. The Story of the Stone (vol. 1)

Deborah Sommer ed., Chinese Religion: An Anthology of Sources (New York:Oxford University Press, 1995).     

Arthur Waley trans., The Book of Songs. (New York: Grove Press, 1996).

Shen Fu, Six Records of A Floating Life (Penguin Classics, 1983).

Feng Menglong, Stories from A Ming Collection: The Art of Chinese Storyteller (New York: Grove Press, 1958).           

Cao Xueqin, The Story of the Stone. Vol. I (Penguin Classics, 1973).

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