Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write 3page, double spaced reading report on the documents.

In the reading report, analyze a concept or an idea, or some aspects of social and cultural practices. You can refer to readings from the previous weeks if you choose to discuss changes or continuities of ideas and practices over time, but the analysis should concentrate on the readings of that week. Explain your viewpoints clearly, and cite sources to support them. Use in-text citation, for example:

Shih She, a reasonable official, committed suicide after declaring, I would not be a filial son if I did not make an exception in the case of my own father. On the other hand, I would not be a loyal minister if I did not uphold the laws of my sovereign. (Doc 3, 417; Sommer, 70).

If you discuss one single book in your report, just provide the page number of your source. For example,

One example of a love marriage in the Eastern Zhou era was described in A Simple Peasant. (49).

Daily life in early China: poetry (Zhou dynasty)

Reading: The Book of Songs, xii-xxv, 1-286, 336-383 (optional).

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