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1.  Which conflict management style do you think is the overall best?  What makes it good?  If it is the best one, why cant we use it all the time?
2.      Identify a current conflict you are having (or a conflict you had recently) with a friend or acquaintance.  Use the problem-solving steps presented in this chapter to seek a solution to the problem that is creating the conflict.  Define the problem: Identify the issues.  Analyze the problem: What are the causes, symptoms, effects, and obstacles that keep you from achieving your goal?  Determine the goals: What do you want? What does your partner want? Generate many possible solutions to the problem.  Finally, select the solution(s) that would permit each person to achieve his or her goal.
3. from the film, “The Break Up.”  Watch these clips and then decide what the argument is about.  The first clip is an argument that happens before a dinner party that the couple is hosting.
What is the argument about? What types of conflict concepts are illustrated in this clip that were covered in the chapter this week?

Different question
What do you see as your role in creating and sharing information?
Which presentation formats are you most comfortable with, and why?
Which presentation formats do you enjoy most as an audience member, and why?
OPTIONAL: Please link or attach samples of presentations you have created. These can be, but need not be, formal/academic presentations. These could be recordings of musical performances, or pictures of art on display, or social media shares, etc.

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