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For this assignment, please create a 2 paper- summarizing the WAIS-IV.  Please include information and discussion about the following issues in your paper:

The history and development of the WAIS, the intended uses of the WAIS, and the strengths and limitations of the WAIS.

In addition, please devote several discussing hypothetical clinical examples of cases that might warrant a referral for cognitive assessment for your client (please include at least 2 examples).

Through these hypothetical clinical cases, you are asked to demonstrate your understanding of the factors that a clinician might encounter that would necessitate a referral for testing.

Lastly, please share your personal reflections about how information about a clients cognitive functioning may or may not enhance the counseling experience and/or your understanding of the client.

Please include at least 3 academic references and utilize proper APA formatting. In-text citations should be included as they would in an essay-formatted paper.

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