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A growing area within this domain is digital ethics how we handle issues such as privacy and algorithmic bias. You will have the opportunity to study digital ethical issues through reading, and TED Talks. To help you focus your thinking on the topic, you will write a short thought paper.

Your thought paper will be a 2 page paper on how digital ethics impact HR professionals. Your paper should reflect upon such things as how much of the massive amounts of information available to HR professionals should be used, how important it is for HR people to educate themselves on how algorithms and data itself might be biased, etc. You do not necessarily need to address these examples: they are there to prime the pump of your thinking. Be thoughtful and creative in your reflection.

Your paper will be graded on the following components:
Degree to which you describe the scenario
Depth of analysis.
The originality of ideas. Do not provide multiple variations of the same concept.
Application of course materials.

The reading link:

The two Ted Talk:

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