Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write an essay on the following prompt. Use details from at least one article in the Article Links page to support your argument.

Language and Communication
Both Amy Tan (Mother Tongue) and Frederick Douglass (Learning to Read and Write) talk about how education can change ones use of language. Write an essay discussing the effect education has had on your own spoken and written language. What do you think you have gained and lost as your language has changed?

Content Requirements:

1. Write a minimum of two pages (one page, single spaced, front and back) or (two pages, double spaced, typed)
2. Use at least one quote from the articles in the appropriate sections
3. Frame and cite your quote using MLA style (including a Work Cited page)
4. Include a thesis statement (topic + direction)
5. Use at least one template from Chapter 10 in They Say/I Say for the art of metacommentary. Mark this template clearly by underlining or highlighting it in your essay.

You may use your book (They Say/I Say) and any notes for the exam.

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