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Now, write a reply to this discussion that does the following in separate paragraphs:

Write a brief summary of your current conception of how tabletop RPGs work. Write this as though you were going to explain RPGs to a friend. IMPORTANT: Begin this paragraph with an effective topic sentence that captures your overall impression of the RPG experience. Three or four sentences are fine here.
Now write a short paragraph that describes your impression of the RPG experience and any responses you have to it. How does any previous conception of D&D or other RPGs compare to your current awareness? Is it obvious to you that someone might want to do this? Or does the whole thing seem … strange? Something else?
Finally. compare any previous experiences you have with games of any kind to RPGs as you now understand them. To what extent does any game require youin some senseto take on a role? What might be different about a computer gaming experience versus a face-to-face RPG experience?
For this post, write at least 300 words.

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