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Word Bank

Wait Time                                                                English as a Second Language

BICS                                                                        Realia

CALP                                                                      Comprehensible Input

Language Objectives                                              Four Domains of Language

Language Proficiency Levels                                  Affective Filter Hypothesis

Communicative Language Teaching                      Assessment

Vocabulary Development                                        Receptive Skills

Productive Skills                                                   

In this exercise, you are going to create a virtual vocabulary mind map and then paste your mind map into the discussion.

Use the site us (Links to an external site.) to create a map that includes 10 vocabulary words from the list below. Through the map, demonstrate how the words are connected.
Create a vocabulary map that shows logical connections between the words based on the concepts learned in this course.
For a quick tutorial of, watch Recording #52 (Links to an external site.)
To structure your writing,

Your audience will be a group of colleagues who are unfamiliar with these ideas or who need clarification and strategies to help with the presented problem.
Your role will be a well-informed teacher with knowledge of teaching ELLs.
The format is a discussion post.
The purpose is to explain the information in a way to help others.

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