Any topic (writer’s choice)

writing a letter to the writer of an opinion piece. Please choose an opinion piece where a
conclusion is in line with your view. This opinion piece should be of a current issue within

example topics to choose from : (e.g. death penalty, immigration, xenophobia)

Although you agree with the conclusion, a critique the authors argument will be offered and then you will show how the argument could be stronger. Before critiquing the argument, it will be necessary to briefly state what the argument is.

Opening paragraph: Greet the author and share the name of the article as well as the
argument. Specify the conclusion and the major premises/reasons that they offer for their
conclusion in the article.
Body paragraphs: Analyze the contents of the premises/reasons and look for the following:
1. Do these premises make assumptions based on any unclear or problematic terms? (e.g. that a
fetus is or is not a person) If so, what is unclear and/problematic about them?
2. What factual evidence does the writer present to support his or her claims?
3. What consequentialist claims does the writer make about the impact of some policy or actions?
4. What deontological claims does the writer make regarding the rights and responsibilities of any and
all parties involved?
5. What moral principle, if any, does the writer use in their argument? (e.g. If a policy increases the
gender pay gap, its wrong; or If a policy unnecessary harms a conscious being, then its wrong)
6. What are the weak points of this argument, that someone who disagrees with it may attack?
Conclusion paragraph: Offer recommendations to the author on how their argument could be
improved and close on a positive note. Share that you would love to hear back from them and
then sign the letter.
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