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Read the attached sources (attached as PDF) documents and answer the questions below.

Blackstone (apologies for the olden times typesetting–Ss look like Fs in some words):
1-What are the prerogatives of the King? (Paragraphs 8-10)
2-How does Blackstone characterize the Kings powers in paragraphs 11-13?
3-In foreign relations, the King is the sole voice of the nation. How does Blackstone justify this arrangement in paragraph 17?
4-In paragraphs 18-23, Blackstone describes the powers of the King in foreign affairs. Make a list of these powers.
5-Why are wars declared, according to Blackstones explanation? (Paragraph 19)
6-What are letters of marque and reprisal, and letters of safe passa

Congress Grant of Authority to General Washington:
1-What does Congress authorize General Washington to do in this document?
2-Is there anything surprising in this conferral of authority?

Congress Instructions to Captains and Commanders:
1-What powers is Congress granting in this document?
2-To whom are these powers granted?

Articles of Confederation:
1-In which body do the Articles vest the power to conduct foreign affairs? (Section VI)
2-List all of the specific war powers granted to Congress in sections VI, VII, VIII, and IX.
3-What war and international powers are granted to state legislatures under the Articles?

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