Anti-Science Movement

2 points: Formatting – Paper is three pages, double spaced, with 12 pt font.  If your paper is less than 2.5 pages, you will begin to lose points.

2 points: Citations – All referenced material must be cited.  Citations are listed in the text when giving referenced statements, and are listed on the 4th page (any format is fine, at a minimum you should give the citation number as it appears in the text, and a title and link to the source materials).  Any direct quotes should be cited and listed in quotation marks, though directly quoted material should comprise <10% of your text (put it in your own words!).

1 point: Introduction –  This should describe the topic to the reader, and discuss why this movement is anti-science in nature.

2 points: Describe the evidence that the science deniers use to propagate their ideas or theories.  Who is providing this evidence?  Identify and discuss where the movement originated, and what powerful people are responsible for spreading the message.

2 points: Describe, using the scientific method as a framework, for how their ideas are refuted by science.  Identify and discuss whether any powerful people or groups are at work trying to fight this anti-science movement.

1 point: Reflection – can you understand why some people buy into this movement?  Why or why not?  Discuss what more you think we can be doing to help the general public become critical thinkers, to help fight this kind of misinformation.

Focusing on Anti-Vaxxers

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