Analyze the the use of names in Hedda Gabler.

support your assertions with specific examples from the primary source
* support your assertions with specific examples from at least one scholarly (peer-reviewed) secondary source. (Go back and review the fiction paper module for an explanation of scholarly vs. popular sources if necessary)
* make use of quotations from both the poem(s) or play of your choice and at least one peer-reviewed secondary source
* follow MLA guidelines for providing attribution and citations (see lecture notes for specifics regarding poetic citation in MLA format, if applicable)
* include a correctly formatted Works Cited page which must be placed in the same document as the paper
* maintain an academic tone and college level diction (avoid use of first and second-person pronouns)

As always, the essay should be clearly written with a strong thesis and main points supporting that thesis. The essay should also be free of mechanical errors. You should assume a college-level audience for your essay. Therefore, you should NOT define terminology such as “theme” or “tone,” as that would be considered too basic for your reader. You also must avoid unnecessary summary of the content of the piece.

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